Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA Therapy and supporting Speech Therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults with Autism in their natural environments. We utilize the most effective research-based behavior interventions and specialize in maximizing learning opportunities and outcomes. We work closely with parents, family members, educators, and behavioral staff to provide training and support in order to make the most significant impact for the individuals we serve.

Our Services:

-ABA Therapy in homes, schools, clinic, and community settings

-Speech Therapy and consultation

-Home schooling support

-Parent support and training

-Social groups and community outings

-Educator, caregiver, professional training

Why Choose DASI?

Our families pick DASI because of the specialized ABA services, care, and support we provide. Families realize the benefits of therapeutic intervention and our programs are tailored to fit each child and familys specific needs. Our team members are passionate, caring, and dedicated to making meaning progress toward long term goals for children and families.

We Maximize Learning Opportunities

√ Individualized interventions

√ Early intervention

√ Researched based behavioral procedures

√ Increase socially significant behaviors

√ Functional language, social, academic, and daily living skills

√ Decrease problem behaviors

√ Verbal Behavior, Precision Teaching, and Natural Environment Training

√ Proactive approach arranging environmental conditions to maximize learning opportunities and outcomes

Spotlight on Functional Communication

Alex sign cracker
Meet Alex, showing off his first signs (using American Sign Language) and requesting crackers during his school pictures. Through ABA therapy, Alex is learning to functionally communicate his wants and needs to others. A special thanks to Alex for all his hard work, his parents for being great advocates for him and also for all their hard work, as well as his teachers at school for working to generalize his skills into the classroom environment.

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Why Integrate Speech Therapy?

Children with a diagnosis of Autism often exhibit a speech and language delay. Integrating a Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapy) into our programs allows continuous practice as a part of ABA therapy to increase expressive, receptive and social skills. Integrating Speech Therapy into our ABA therapy programs allows our children to practice language in naturally occurring settings that can easily be translated to a child’s natural environment such as a home, school, or community setting. We provide speech and language training and consultation to our team, families, and educators.

Learning Should be Fun!

Logan Spoon