Lainey Smith

Lainey Smith, BS, BCaBA earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Indianapolis in 2007. She studied Applied Behavior Analysis through the Florida Institute of Technology and received her BCaBA certification in October 2012. Lainey entered the field of ABA in 2008 and has several years experience working with special needs children and families in a variety of settings including ABA centers, schools, homes, and in the community. She has worked under the supervision of, and in in collaboration with, multiple Board Certified Behavior Analysts, as well as with Speech and Language Pathologists. Lainey has received advanced training and is skilled in Applied Verbal Behavior, Precision Teaching, Natural Environment Training, and Direct Instruction. Currently, Lainey works closely with the DASI clinical team and uses the skills she has learned to provide additional support and collaboration between clinical and office team members. She is also certified Safety Care Specialist. Lainey has been a valued team member at DASI since 2010. She is married, has four children and a boxer. She is an avid sports fan who loves cheering on the Colts, walking the aisles of Target and spending time with her family.

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