Our Process at DASI

We are here for you. We’ll support you along your journey working toward your short and long term goals for your child. We want your child to be the most successful he or she can be and to open doors for your child so they will have the best quality of life. Here’s how we do it.

How it Works

The process of starting ABA therapy services can be overwhelming, so let’s keep it simple. Many parents have questions about receiving a diagnosis of Autism, understanding treatment, figuring out insurance, and choosing the right place for services. We are here to help. If you have questions while going through the process, please call and ask to speak with a member our Family Services Team. The main steps of how the process works with us is outlined below.

If you suspect your child may have Autism, visit our Resources page to learn more about tracking your child’s developmental milestones or find an organization to conduct a formal Autism Evaluation.

1. Secure Funding and Coverage for Treatment

Upon receiving a diagnosis of Autism, our Family Services team will work directly with your child’s insurance to verify ABA therapy benefits. You can submit an inquiry form here to get this process started.

2. Receive an Assessment

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will meet with you and conduct a face to face assessment with your child. Assessment results will allow us to develop a customized treatment recommendations that will best benefit your child.

3. Schedule an Intake Meeting

An intake meeting is an opportunity for parents to learn treatment recommendations about your child’s ABA therapy authorization and for us to begin the process of developing a customized therapy program for your child.

4. Begin Receiving Services

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