ABA Therapy

We offer outreach and clinic based ABA Therapy and behavior consultation services in home, school, clinic, and community settings. We bring the experts to you, making it convenient for families to receive quality ABA Therapy and allowing parents to be a central part of their child's team.  With clinics in Greensburg and Fishers Indiana, we offer  clinic and outreach therapy services as an option for families as well.

ABA Therapy as a treatment program systematically applies principles and techniques based upon learning theory with the goal of improving socially significant behavior. Examples of socially significant behaviors that can be taught using ABA include social skills, language, communication, academic, self -help, and adaptive living skills.

We utilize the principles of ABA to help learners develop new skills, as well as to modify any maladaptive behaviors. We do this by determining the function, or the reason for, each behavior. The use of reinforcement is critical to ABA and allows us to make learning fun for your child.  ABA Therapy is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).
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Parent Training and Support

We offer parent training and support as a standard for all families. We encourage parent involvement, and target skills generalization to ensure success across environments. Our families receive the attention and support the deserve by a BCBA, working in collaboration as an essential part of their child's team. 

Integration of Speech Therapy and Speech Consultation

We integrate Speech Therapy and Speech consultation in with our ABA Therapy in order to better serve our clients. Children with a diagnosis of Autism often exhibit a speech and language delay. Integrating Speech Therapy into our programs allows continuous practice during therapy sessions to increase expressive, receptive and social skills.  Our client's have the opprotunity to practice language in naturally occurring settings that can easily be translated to a child’s natural environment such as a home, school, or community setting.  We provide speech and language training and consultation to our team members, families, and to the educators we work with. 

Home Schooling Support

For families who provide home schooling to their child, we offer support in home, clinic, and community settings.  We work closely with families to suppliment home school cirriculi, to assist with wrapping services around each child based on his or her individual need. 

Social Groups

Social opportunities are important when targeting social skills. We work with families and community organizations to create social opportunities for our clients, targeting these skills across environments. 
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Why Choose Outreach? 

Outreach ABA therapy provides the advantage to each child to learn in his or her natural environment while encompassing everyday triggers and family dynamics.  Each child's ABA therpy program is individually designed around his or her needs, taking into consideration family needs and daily activities and schedules.  We've seen the value of parent and teacher involement; allowing children to be more successul in generalizing skills across people and settings.  Data-based decisions are utilized to ensure individualized acceleration of learning across environments to maximize outcomes for each child.

Natural Environment Teaching

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) utilizes the play activities children love such as playing with cars, climbing, building blocks, or going on a scavenger hunt into meaningful learning opportunities. Naturalistic teaching fills every minute of the child's day with learning through observation and imitation while encompassing play. Learning opportunities are created naturally as children dance, play, and have fun throughout their day. Generalization of skills leading to lasting skill mastery is intentionally implemented through activities, settings and people. Our team members are passionate, caring and dedicated to making meaning progress toward long term goals for each child and family.

The Verbal Behavior Approach 

At DASI we use a Verbal Behavior (VB) approach when developing Individual Treatment Plans. This approach is based on B.F. Skinners book Verbal Behavior in which a full analysis of language was conducted. Essentially this means we look at the function of each word rather than the form. It is very common for a child with autism to be able to label an item (such as a cracker) but not know how to ask for one when they want it. In using a VB approach we take extra care to ensure that our learners acquire functional language skills.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA Therapy and supporting Speech Therapy services to children, adolescents, and young adults with Autism in their natural environments. We work closely with parents, family members, educators, and behavioral staff to provide training and support in order to make the most significant impact for the individuals we serve. Utilize the most effective research-based behavior interventions and specialize in maximizing learning opportunities and outcomes.