Center-Based ABA Therapy

Receiving ABA Therapy at the DASI Center is a great option for many people that want an optimal environment for therapy services.

Our New Autism Center

Play, laugh, move, learn and grow with us at the new DASI Center for Autism!  This state of the art, sensory rich facility serves as our corporate office and offers a wide variety of therapeutic environments. ABA therapy programs have the opportunity to work 1:1 within the center, meeting the needs of clients of all ages.  We offer a classroom, multiple therapy rooms, a sensory room, a fully equipped kitchen, lounge areas, and a gymnasium.  

Our center offers state of the art lighting with tunable and dimmable options.  This allows the light color temperature to be adjusted to the optimal light level for student tasks such as reading or test taking.  Research supports that lighting can have a positive effect on learning and attention, and we are proud to offer sensory friendly lighting options for our clients and team members.  

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