It all started with an ugly sweater Christmas party one year at our bi-annual all team training.

Everyone loves an ugly sweater party right? Because of our large service area and outreach nature, we only get the opportunity to bring our entire team together a few times per year. Why not make it fun? We had a blast and voted on and awarded prizes for most festive. We recognized the value of having fun at our team trainings. It seemed to lighten the mood and created a good atmosphere for learning.

During the summer Olympics in 2016, we went all out and incorporated an ‘Olympics’ theme.

We celebrated our team, our success, our country and freedoms that day. We had a wonderful time. A tradition was born that day… themed trainings. Why not?

The following Christmas we chose a ‘favorite Christmas movie’ theme.

The Grinch, Elf, A Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation all came in as most popular. My personal favorite was our speech pathologist Sara dressed as Clark Griswold with a squirrel attached to her back. I still smile thinking about that. Fun games, awards and learning activities. Again, so much fun.

The next summer we incorporated a ‘luau’ theme.

It was storming outside as Jimmy Buffet tunes played through the speakers. Our limbo contest was quite fun and we actually found out how low we could go. As the pinata burst and team members scrambled for prizes, the parking lot was flooding outside. But we didn’t care, we were too busy learning and having fun. Great food, great times, great teaching and amazing people.

The following summer we were in the process of moving into our new center. We rocked a ‘1980’s’ theme, which is my favorite theme to date.

We went all out and totally had a blast. 1980’s tunes, outfits and hair all played a special part. We enjoyed our new center and 9,000 square feet of new space. I recall my cheeks actually hurting that afternoon from laughing so hard from all our shenanigans.

As Christmas time came again, we were finally getting settled into our new center. A ‘thankful Christmas’ theme seemed appreciate for our winter 2018 training because we were so thankful to have our new space and to bring all our team together during the holiday season. We were thankful for our team and as usual we incorporated games, prizes, raffled drawings, and voted and awarded prized for most festive. A good time indeed.

At each training for several years now, we have hosted a ‘Chart Share’.

This is an opportunity for team members to share data from behavior interventions they have implemented. Some share personal data and some share client data. This is a great activity to look at behavior analysis data and get to know each other better. And it’s even more fun when the presenter is dressed up for a theme, we’ve found. A few charts have brought tears to my eyes. Something about seeing a clients amazing progress being sharing amongst team members, it always makes me smile. Our team members work hard day in and day out and this is a chance for them to showcase their hard work and success for other team members.

This past summer we hosted a “Shipwrecked SOS” theme.

It proved to be a fun theme and we taught our team members many ways to avoid sinking ships such as bad teaching and behavioral problems. We learned and had fun at the same time.

Why do we do this?

Why do we get all dolled up and decked out a few days each year? Our team members are superstars, everyday heroes and out of this world. We are honored and grateful to work with all of them. This dedicated, caring, compassionate, and intelligent team works daily toward their clients goals, both short and long term. They make progress, challenging their clients, themselves and each other. They teach, shaping skills and futures. They work hard to accomplish one step at a time… adding up to great accomplishments. They are our everyday heroes, working to establish strong foundations that children, parents, educators and other service providers can build upon. And a few days a year, we all come together as a team, to cut loose, have fun, get to know one another better, eat, laugh, learn and grow. All in good fashion of course. We just love our team!

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