We Help Children With Autism Become the Best Version of Themselves

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with families to develop a personalized ABA therapy program clinically proven to get results.

The Best For Your Child

DASI is Here For Your Family

“I wanted to build a center for my home town that provides a caring, loving environment, quality ABA treatment, support to families, and builds strong foundations for children. I hope it’s even more beneficial to our community in the future. Many lives are being changed here, and I am very passionate about continuing to change lives for children and families with
special needs.”

– Libby CaswellFounder & Executive Director

Professionals You Can Trust

We Offer the Highest Quality Services

Home-Based ABA Therapy

Receiving ABA Therapy in your home is a fantastic way for children to learn in their natural environment. Training a child in their home environment promotes generalization of skills and behavior.

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Receiving ABA Therapy at the DASI Center is a great option for many people that want an optimal environment for therapy services.

Speech Therapy

We integrate Speech Therapy and Speech consultation in with our ABA Therapy in order to better serve our clients.

We Are Family-Focused

What the Parents Say

"I was just very impressed by the people we met. They are very understanding and accommodating. They do a very good job of selecting the technicians who really compliment his personality and where he’s at to get the most out of him."
"DASI values the parents input. They are experts in Autism and they let me be the expert on my child. I couldn’t be happier with them. I have a vulnerable child that can’t really express to me if something were to happen. So, being able to trust the team completely is really important to me."
"The work that they have done with my kiddo has changed his life. I have seen through this process how much he’s changed. He’s continuing to grow and develop and I don’t think we’d be where we are today without the services and the individuals at DASI who have helped get us there."

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