About Us

Disability and Autism Services of Indiana (DASI) has proudly provided the highest quality and effective ABA therapy and Speech therapy services to children with Autism in their natural settings since 2008.

Our History

With over 75 years combined experience, our families choose DASI because of the specialized ABA services, care and support we provide. Our passionate and professional team work alongside parents, caregivers, siblings, educators and other ancillary service professionals to target individual learning and meaningful behavior change. We utilize the most effective research-based 1:1 behavioral interventions and specialize in maximizing learning opportunities and outcomes. Families realize the benefits of therapeutic intervention by seeing clear and measurable results. Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA therapy, and Speech therapy services to children on the Autism spectrum.

The Name DASI

We chose the name DASI because we wanted it to represent growth, development, planting roots and building a foundation to grow on. We wanted to capture ‘a child’s skill sets blooming’ so to speak. The name DASI represents the changes from season to season in our lives and being there alongside families to build, support, and celebrate their success along their journey. The acronym DASI was developed before the formal name ‘Disability and Autism Services of Indiana’.

Our New Autism Center!

With our new Center, we have created an amazing environment for sensory, movement, and learning. We are eager to provide a variety of benefits for our clients and our community. We have built a center in my home town and that provides a caring, loving environment, support to families, quality ABA treatment, and builds strong foundations for children. Many lives are being changed at DASI, and we are very passionate about continuing to change lives for children and families with special needs. We are excited to watch our new center become even more beneficial to our community in the future.

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