Home-Based ABA Therapy

Receiving ABA Therapy in your home is a fantastic way for children to learn in their natural environment. Training a child in their home environment promotes generalization of skills and behavior.

Why Choose Home-Based ABA Therapy?

We bring the experts to you and your child. Outreach ABA therapy provides the advantage to your child to learn in their natural environment while encompassing everyday triggers, family dynamics and schedules. We’ve seen the value of parent involvement; allowing children to be more successful in generalizing skills across people and settings. At DASI, data-based decisions are utilized to ensure individualized acceleration of learning across environments to maximize outcomes for each child. 

Generalizing skills and behavior is key to optimal success.

We target skills and behavior across settings when it’s appropriate including in the home, school and community. Receiving ABA therapy with a focus on integration into schools or the community has many great benefits. We want children to be successful in all environments. ABA therapy services in the school and in the community may be a good option for some children. Going out to dinner, grocery shopping, participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering or working in the community are all important and should be an option for all individuals with special needs. We are always working toward community integration for our clients, so training across settings in their natural environment just makes sense.

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