What Makes DASI Different

Simply put: the family approach. Everything is tailored around the child and the family’s needs. From staffing to the programming, to the environment, it is all catered around the child’s needs.

The Pillars of What Makes us Different

We have specific principles in place to guide your child and family through a process to best set everyone up for success.

1. Custom Plans For Your Child

It’s not a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we understand where the child is at so we can customize and wrap services around the child and family. We strive to make the biggest difference for not only the child but also the family as well.

2. We Are Transparent

No two children are the same and when customizing a therapy program and treatment to a child’s needs, we are very transparent on how we can meet that need. The parent is involved in every step of the way.

3. Needs-Focused and Results-Driven

Children come to us with a variety of needs and skill deficits. The assessment process, combined with working so closely with parents to learn about their child’s daily struggles, allows us to program specific to what each child needs. We are focused on a child’s individual needs with our therapy programs and track that by meeting milestones and getting results.

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