Shannon Edwards

Shannon began her career with DASI as a Behavior Technician in 2015.  She then trained and studied to become a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).  After several years working directly with clients as an RBT, she was promoted to Team Trainer, which allowed her to use her Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) skills and techniques to train other team members.  Shannon has always taken advantage of training opportunities to educate other individuals at her therapy sites; parents, caregivers and school faculty.  Shannon’s efforts to go above and beyond exceeded our expectations as a DASI Team Trainer, earning her the title of DASI Team Educator and eventually Clinic Manager.

Shannon has always had a passion for working with children.  In her time with DASI, that passion grew specifically to better the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families.  She is driven to teach and utilize the scientific principles of ABA in her work, and to collaborate with team members on how to continuously grow on a daily basis in this field. She is also a certified Safety Care® Trainer. Some of Shannon’s passions in the field are empowering the DASI kids by teaching early language skills and working to decrease maladaptive behaviors. Seeing first-hand the growth of her clients and team members is one of the most rewarding aspects of her career. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time with her husband and cats, exploring Indy, and trying out new hobbies. She also loves to create a fun environment for everyone around her.

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