Speech Therapy

We integrate Speech Therapy and Speech consultation in with our ABA Therapy in order to better serve our clients. 

Why Speech Therapy?

Children with a diagnosis of Autism often exhibit a speech and language delay.  Integrating Speech Therapy into our programs allows continuous practice during therapy sessions to increase expressive and receptive language as well as social skills. When possible, speech, language and social goals are targeted in natural settings such as in the home, community, school, or clinic setting to promote generalization and retention.

DASI offers Speech Therapy and Consultation that is individualized and focused on each child’s needs. Traditionally, a Speech model is only given once a week in an outpatient setting. The DASI Speech model differs greatly, whereas our team works alongside our Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) to design a treatment plan that meets each client’s specific needs.  Speech goals are written directly into each client’s program and targeted daily. Combining Speech Therapy with Consultation is a great way to maximize learning trials and outcomes. With this model, children have the opportunity to work toward improving speech, language and social goals throughout each therapy session. 

At DASI, our Speech and Language Pathologist works directly with our clients, as well as, provides training and supervision to team members.  We proudly apply researched based speech and language interventions, oral motor programming, articulation training, phonemic cues, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, language goals, play skills, and social skills for improved functional speech, language, and social abilities.  Additionally, our clinical and therapy teams have received advanced training in speech and language issues and disorders, and will provide instruction and tools to help your child maximize progress.

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